Открытые реестры


Use of open registers

Users have free access to information about the patent documents with their legal status in Russian. The system provides access to a specific document by its number. For this purpose it should be entered a number of the document. The substitution operators "*" and "?" as well as arithmetic operators ">" "<" "-" are not allowed. Placing information about the published notices on a regular basis in the databases on inventions and utility models have been performed since 2005, on trademarks - since 2004, on industrial design - since 2005.

Choose the section

  On the registered item On applications
Inventions Register of Inventions Register of Applications for the Grant of a Patent for Invention
Utility models Register of Utility Models Register of Applications for the Grant of a Patent for Utility Model
Industrial Designs Register of Industrial Designs Register of Application for the Grant of a Patent for Industrial Design
Trademarks Register of Trademarks and Service Marks Register of Applications for the Grant of a Patent for trademarks and service marks
Register of well-know trademarks
Register of international trademark, contains information about the contracts registered with Rospatent
Appellation of origin of goods Register of Appellation of Origin of Goods Register of application for the registration of Appellation of Origin of Goods
Programms, Databases, TIMS Register of programs  
Register of databases
Register of TIMS
Реестр заявлений о государственной регистрации распоряжения исключительным правом по договору и заявлений о государственной регистрации перехода права без договора

The list of documents is formed when the chosen interval contains not greater than 100 documents.
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