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Annual reports 2001 - Foreword


Alexander Korchagin Director General
Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks


Introducing the Annual Report of the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks, it should be noted that 2001 was a year of intensive work for implementation of the Office functions.

Perhaps, the approval in the first reading by the State Duma of the Russian Federation of amendments drafted by Rospatent to 4 Federal Laws in the field of intellectual property is one of the most important results of our activity.

Thus, it is a significant step towards the improvement of Russian legislation in the field of intellectual property and fulfillment of international commitments of the Russian Federation.

A large work as to redrafting proposed amendments to legislation in accordance with results of the Bills’ passing through the Duma and providing conditions for entering of the laws into force is still before us.

Taking into consideration that effective Intellectual Property System depends on development of Intellectual Propriety Law as well as realization of complex measures aimed at enforcement of IPRs, Rospatent paid a great attention to development of cooperation with the Law Enforcement Agencies and other interested Federal Executive Authorities. It covers the submitting of joint proposals and drafts of the Executive Acts which are necessary for forming and executing a single State policy in the field of the legal protection of industrial property, commercialization of R&D results, development of cooperation with Russian regions, promotion of public awareness in the field of inventive activity and encouragement of inventors. The above mentioned orientations are reflected in results achieved in the year under review and, undoubtedly, will continue its development.

Another important aspect of this issue is promotion of knowledge and training specialists in the field of intellectual property. The integral part of Rospatent activity is organization of Conferences, Seminars and Round Tables which are attended by various groups of specialists and interested parties. Our foreign partners, in the first instance, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the European Patent Office, rendered a significant assistance in this activity.

The increasing number of applications for all the subject matters of industrial property set a main task to improve the job management in the Office and increase a labour productivity. This works, which took place in 2001, will be continued in future. A special attention will be paid to wide-scale use of information technologies in the Office activities as well as improvement of personnel’s professional skills.

The stocking and updating of the State Patent Collection, issuance of the Official Publications and development of the users’ information support are functions of the Patent Office dealing with support of the Patent System. Despite the stable development of Rospatent activity in this sphere, I do believe, that the Office has potential resources and will continue to improve the Information Support System of patent information users.

The activity of Rospatent in the field of copyright and related rights is developing. The first result in this relatively new field of Rospatent activity was a collaboration with the members (deputies) of the State Duma of the Russian Federation as far as amendments to the Russian Law «On Copyright and Related Rights» are concerned.

International integration and joint efforts with regard to challenges of globalization in various countries is becoming an integral part of the World Community’s development. The Rospatent, as representative of the Russian Federation in the World Intellectual Property Organization, permanently develops a cooperation with WIPO and integration of the National IPR Protection System into international process of law harmonization.

The strengthening of international cooperation in the field of intellectual property, aimed at safeguarding interests of Russia, was and will be one of the most important functions of Rospatent.

The summing up of the results of the year is related to determination of the Office’ objectives and implementing measures in future. The stability and continued development of IPR Protection System in Russia is a main goal of the Rospatent activities within the framework of its competence.

Representing the Rospatent’ Annual Report for 2001, I hope that this information will be useful and allow to have more detailed view of the activities carried out by the Russian Patent Office in previous year.

A. Korchagin
Director General

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