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Annual reports 2001 - Section 10


State Collection of Patent Documentation

The State Patent Collection (the State Collection of Patent Documentation, hereinafter referred to as SPC), is a part of the State resources of Russian scientific and technological information intended for information supply of the State policy in the field of industrial property protection, as well as legal protection of computer programs, databases and topographies of integrated circuits. The State Patent Office (Rospatent) is in charge to implement this policy.

The SPC is the aggregate of information sources (grouped and provided with reference aids) related to industrial property rights, as well as to registered computer programs, databases and topographies of integrated circuits, including patent documentation, patent-associated, patent and legal, normative, methodical and reference literature.

In 2001, the SPC Documentation acquired foreign patent documents through international exchange of patent documentation with Patent Authorities of 59 countries, 6 international organizations and company «DERWENT Information Ltd».

The Central Patent Collection (CPC) and the State Patent Examination Collection (SPEC) are the main components of the SPC.

10.1. Acquisition of the State Patent Collection (Unit «All-Russia Patent Library» of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property)

The general public, state examiners and specialists of Rospatent are provided with patent information on the basis of the Central Patent Collection (CPC).

The CPC comprises a collection of national patent documentation, collection of foreign patent documentation, collection of patent and legal, normative and methodical, and reference literature, collection of industrial designs (CID), collection of patent periodicals and abstracts as well as reference tools to these collections. By the end of 2001, the CPC comprised over 120 million copies of patent documents on different types of carriers, including: collection of foreign patent documents — 83.4 million copies, that of national patent documents — more than 8 million copies; the State Examination Collection of industrial designs — more than 2 million copies, collection of patent and legal, normative and methodical, and reference literature — about 60 thousand copies.

In the year under review, there was an increase in the number of incoming documents on CD-ROM. At present, the Library receives optical disks from 39 countries, 5 international organizations and company «DERWENT Information Ltd».

By the end of 2001, CD-ROM collection in the CPC contained over 33.0 million copies of complete specification of applications, patents, utility models as well as official publications and abstracts of foreign patent offices as regards the all types of industrial property rights.

Under exchange agreements, countries of exchange received 65 sets of optical disks, 1 sets of microfiches and 2 sets of paper information about specifications to Russian patents.

Quantitative data on CPC incoming patent documents to the Library for the last three years is shown in the following Table 10.1.1.


The structure of international exchange of patent documentation with foreign patent offices is illustrated in Table 10.1.2.


10.2. Access to CPC

The following Table 10.2.1 shows main indicators of information services rendered by the Patent Library for three previous years.


As can be seen from the Table 10.2.1 above, the year under review was characterized by lower indicators of information services rendered by the Library, namely, the number of visitor and handled documents due to objective reasons, but at the same time the number of copies of patent specifications made for user with a view of establishments of specific private patent collections was increasing.

The number of the library «subscribers by correspondence» remained stable. Those subscribers are using the Library’s information services without necessity to visit it. The largest Russian organizations are among those subscribers.

It should be noted an increased interest of the Library visitor to CD-ROM patent documents, which is caused by the fact that documents of the most demanded countries (the USA, Japan and China) are now available only on CD-ROMs. Besides, users are provided with CD-ROM information by using the Library’s working stations.

The following Table 10.2.2 shows the data on the number of disks handed and frequency of visiting the CD-ROM collection.


An enhanced interest of the Library visitors to the collections of patent and legal literature and trademark documentation should be noted as well (see Table 10.2.3).


18 group visiting and practical training session concerning the methods of working with patent documentation was held in 2001 for the 197 students of Moscow Universities.

Concurrent with traditional forms of service, access of readers to databases was further developed in 2001. The number of databases used in the year under review amounted to 131 (126 databases in 2000, 108 — in 1999), including 114 CD-ROM databases.

The automated database «Control of CD-ROM Patent Documentation Completeness» was put into operation as a pilot project.

10.3. State Patent Examination Collection

The State Patent Examination Collection (SPEC) on paper is an integral part of the State Collection of Patent Documentation.

Structure and composition of the collection are defined according to its purposes and tasks to be realized. Structure of the SPEC is governed by Rule 34 of the Regulations to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (РСТ). As of January 1, 2002, the SPEC comprised 17 672 206 patent documents from 10 countries and 3 international organizations (the former USSR/Russia, the USA, the Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Austria, Canada, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the European Patent Organization and the Eurasian Patent Organizations, included in the «PCT minimum documentation»).

Since 2000 the patent collections of the CIS countries for the State Patent Examination are former as separate array of information: · patent specifications — Belarus, Ukraine, Tadjikistan; · utility models specifications — Ukraine, Tadjikistan; · Official Bulletins — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan.

The national patent documents include the former USSR inventions (from 1924), specifications to inventions and utility models (applications, patents and certificates) of the Russian Federation, Official Bulletins of the former USSR and the Russian Federation. Previously, before 2000 the national patent documents are stored in two collections, one of which is grouped according to the IPC headings having subgroups, the other — in the numerical order. The only collection (according to the IPC) exists since 2001.

Each year, the current part of the collection is supplied with both national and foreign documents. In 2001, a total of 458,500 specifications, including 411,700 foreign and 46,800 national documents, were added to the SPEC.

10.4. Access to the Patent Collection, Modern Information Carriers, New Technologies Applied

In 2001 the CD-ROM patent collection databases were updated by new acquisition to existing patent collection databases of foreign countries and Russia used both by subscribers and patent examiners. Among them there are cumulative disks, updating arrays of information and optical disks containing current fragment of the databases.

In result of continuos development of optical technology all over the world the collection was enlarged by new databases containing patent documents of: the USA (applications), Canada (patents), Australia (innovation patents), Kazakhstan (bibliographic data). In addition, the subject-matter CD-ROM databases were updated by new version of «Russian Medicine», Derwent database on biotechnology, electronic encyclopedia «Power systems (1944-2000)», «National Missile Arms (1946-2000)», «National Aircrafts (1947-2000)». The following new patent and legal databases were added to CD-ROM collection: «Russian Legislation», «Legislation of Moscow and Moscow Region», «Legislation of St.-Petersburg» as well as the following Annexes: «International Law» and «Comprehensive Information on the Customs».

New entries in the CD-ROM collection of FIPS are shown in Table 10.4.1.


In 2001 the updating of existing databases widely used by examiners for carrying out the searches and enlarging personal collection was continued. The indices of rendering services for examiner testify that an interest of examiners for information search on CD-ROM is growing. Despite the available access to the different electronic databases (Internet databases, on-line databases) for searching, the most attractive database for the examiners is still the database as a part of CD-ROM collection.

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