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Annual reports 2001 - Section 11


Patent and Dataware

11.1 Developing and Improving Official Publications of Rospatent

One of the indicators of stable work of the Office is a rhythmical pace of and issue of Official Publications of Rospatent on paper and in electronic form as well as absence of reclamation related to such publications.

The following results were achieved in previous years:

  • Terms of publication have been reduced to three months for preparing and issuing information on inventions and to one month for other subject matters;
  • Date of publication information in the Official Gazette became synchronized with date of grant of protective documents for inventions and utility models;
  • The process of preparing and issuing non-periodical publications of Rospatent is under stabilization;
  • «The Rospatent Gerald», as an Annex to the Official Gazette, was regularly published.

The activity on improvement of the legislative basis, providing the issue of Rospatent publications, was continued.

In 2001, according to the “Procedure for the Preparation and Issue of Non-Periodical Publications of Rospatent and FIPS”, more than dozen of non-periodical publications were issued: booklets, reference and methodological materials, proceedings of various conferences organized by Rospatent, advertising materials for expositions of Rospatent.


Aiming at providing actual information on the Rospatent activities to public «The Rospatent Gerald» published data on activity of the Rospatent Board, updated lists of patent attorneys registered, new documentation acquired by the Patent Library as well as various proposals on amendments to current patent legislation. The following official bulletins were published in the year under review: «Inventions. Utility Models» – 36 issues; «Industrial Designs» – 12 issues; «Trademarks. Service Marks. Appellations of Origin» – 24 issues; «Computer Programs. Databases. Topographies of Integrated Circuits» – 4 issues.

The following information was published in the Official Bulletins: 30 125 publications on inventions, 4 842 utility model claims, 1 507 announcements on industrial designs, 14 442 announcements on trademark registration, 1 689 computer programs annotations, 188 database annotations, 5 annotations to topographies of integrated circuits. The Annual Indexes to Bulletins «Inventions. Utility Models», «Trademarks. Service Marks. Appellations of Origin», «Industrial Designs» were issued.

The complete specifications of the all granted patents for inventions were published. 16 293 patent specifications were published in 2001; as well as first pages were published for all granted certificates for utility models.

In addition to the Official Publications on paper in 2001 the following Official Publications were published on optical discs CD-ROMs, containing the information published in Bulletins of Rospatent:

  • 4 discs (one disc quarterly) comprising information on patents for invention including bibliographic data, abstracts in Russian and English accompanying by with main drawings to abstracts as well as information on utility models including bibliographic data, claims in Russian and main drawings to claims;
  • 12 discs (one disc monthly) comprising official data on patents for inventions, namely bibliographic data, claims, abstracts in Russian and English, text of specifications, graphic and tabular data as well;
  • 12 discs (one disk monthly) comprising data on registered trademarks.

The main qualitative change in technological procedure of preparation to publication of the Official Bulletins on inventions and utility models was using of electronic carriers of information at the earliest stage of processing of applications, containing the data on inventions and utility models, which allows not to use the services rendered by other companies when forming machine-readable carrier for publication.

In new normative Acts the procedure of technological preparation of information for publication is described as a next stage of prior procedure related to applications processing, thus the Official Bulletins and protective documents became considered as a final purpose of the common activity of personnel. Therefore, it was a beginning of practical implementation of the Concept on preparation and issue of Official Publications of Rospatent which is based on doctrine, that the documents of application filed with the Rospatent should be transformed in electronic form at the earliest stage of examination and all the further stages of application processing should indirectly contribute to publication procedure.

The practical implementation of the Concept on preparation and issue of Official Publications of Rospatent resolves both the problem of transition to paperless technology in the Office and makes possible for the Examiner to work in united computerized system of the Office.

Since 1999 the use of electronic carrier was started for preparing the publication of bulletin with information on trademarks; this carrier being prepared at the stage of examination. With a view of using the same technology for preparation of publications containing information on inventions and utility models, a specific software and database were developed within the framework of R&D work in 2001; it allows to unify bibliographic data from the Automated Data Bank (ADB) and electronic carrier of textual and graphical information on inventions and utility models, prepared in the early stage, allowing to use those data in the stage of examination, correct it by the Examiners, prepare documents in electronic form for publication and Examination decisions on granting of patents and certificate as well as printing those documents from database in automatic mode.

Such modification of the technological process, automation of routine operations, use of modern software and hardware would lead to lessening the cost of examination as a result of elimination of repeated manual input of information when printing outgoing correspondence.

The further transmission of electronic and paper documents prepared in such a way to Automatic System creates conditions for minimizing of technical errors in procedure of preparation to publication, decreasing of publication term and lessening the cost of publication as well.

11.2 Information Publications and Services Rendered to Users

The system of industrial property protection needs in adequate patent and information support. Besides information support of patent examination, the Rospatent provides the information for all interested users: creators of scientific and technical innovations, enterprises and organizations involved in commercialization of the result of R&D activity, patent owners and opponents objecting against their rights, judicial authorities etc.

Rospatent provides all the above mentioned categories of users with wide-scale information products, first of all — the Official Publications, which are the most effective and operative source of information on industrial property rights claimed and registered in Russia.

The main change in this field took place in the system of CD-ROM Official Publications. In 2001 all the databases containing an official information on current registrations effected were transmitted to MIMOZA System which posses the widescale functional possibilities as far as search and provision of data are concerned.

In 2001 the transformation of backlog information on inventions and trademarks to disks DVD-ROM was commenced and a lot of users took an opportunity to subscribe for DVD-ROM (as a supplement to CD-ROM collections) by discounted prize.

In 2001 the list of databases available on CD-ROM was enlarged and now it contains all actual international classifications, block of information on trademarks as it was published in the Official Bulletin «Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellation of Origin», as well as block of information on industrial designs registered in Russia since 1993.

In addition to the above Official Publications, abstracts and claims of the Russian patents (both in Russian and English) on CD-ROMs are offered to the users. In 2001 more than 95 users subscribed for this information, which shows 25% increase versus the year 2000.

The significant changes took place in the system of dissemination of CD-ROM Official Publications which, at present, are available to subscribers as it takes place for paper publications (without conclusion of a contract).This simplification of procedure of dissemination of CD-ROM Official Publications allowed to attract the new users to such a services.

The characteristic feature of services in 2001 was keeping the term of supplying the users with current official information both on paper and CD-ROMs.

In 2001 a list of traditional publications was enlarged by inclusion of scientific and methodological literature concerning the most important aspects of functioning of industrial property protection system which was worked out by the specialists of the FIPS. This literature facilitates the mutual relations between Rospatent and interested users and is offered by minimum price without deriving a profit.

During previous 4 years the policy of reducing prices for patent information was continued, in result of which, for example, the prices for sets of official issues on CD-ROM has been reduced in average by 2,5-3 folds (depending on type of set).

The policy of flexible prices continued its development in 2001. The prices (in Rubles) of the Official Publications on paper kept on the level of 2000 (notwithstanding inflation rate) and in certain cases were diminished. For example, the price of supplementary subscription for international classification on paper was reduced by about 40%.

In addition, the system of discounts to Databases on optical disks has been enlarged. For example, if user subscribes for updated (upgraded) databases, its previous subscription is taken into account: Nice Classification-8 on CD-ROM is available by 50% discount for the subscribers of Nice Classification-7 on CD-ROM; replacement of the set of CD-ROM by DVD-ROM is in 5-6 folds chipper as compared with the prices fixed for new customer.

The users appreciated all these efforts to improve the processes of official information supply; it could be shown by certain increase in number of official bulletins edition (See Table 11.2.1) and number of disseminated sets of official information CD-ROM (See Table 11.2.2), as well as by increase in number of users of information products (See Table 11.2.3). During previous 4 years the number of users of Rospatent Official Information increased by 60% (including 5% in 2001 versus the year 2000), average number of copies of Official Bulletins increased by 30% (including 5% in 2001 versus the year 2000),annual number of sets of CD-ROM increased by more than 200% (including 30% in 2001 versus the year 2000).







The distribution of Russian subscribers for official issues according to the types of their activities (See Table 11.2.4) allows to conclude that industrial enterprises and Universities are taking the greater part of the subscribers, which illustrates the increasing scale of innovation activities in this sectors of economy.


The distribution of Russian subscribers for official publications according to the Russian Regions (See Table 11.2.5) supports the correlation of indices of the use of patent information and location of scientific and industrial potential of this country.


The specific databases, meeting the customer requirement, can be also produced on the basis of official information related to invention, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks. In process of development of such databases all requirements of the customer — fields of knowledge, period, types of documentation included (bibliographic data, abstracts, complete patent specification), kind of information carrier, etc. — are taken into consideration. All the databases posses an information retrieval system for carrying out computerized search, looking through and copying of the documents. The number of clients for such type of services is annually increasing: 60 databases were developed in 2001 which shows 20% increase versus the year 2000.

11.3. Information Service Provided by the Information and Publishing Center of Rospatent in 2001

The Information and Publishing Center (INIC) appears to be an integrated part of Rospatent information system.

In 2001 INIC went on with work of preparing and disseminating foreign abstract information in an issue «The Inventions Worldwide» (IW).

«The Inventions Worldwide» comprises translation into Russian of inventions abstracts published in 2000 in official bulletins of the WIPO, the EPO, the Great Britain, Germany, the USA, France, Switzerland and Japan. The total volume of issue is 16 023,2 so-called «author’s sheets» (565 185 publications).

More than 31 thousand of thematic issues of «Inventions Worldwide» were prepared and disseminated on paper, including 6 839 for 1996 to 2000 and 24 178 in 2001.

The «Inventions Worldwide» was also published on machine-readable carriers (diskettes, CD-ROMs). 13 complete sets and 43 subject-matter editions were issued on CD-ROM.

The consumers were informed on foreign industrial designs by means of issuing the edition «Industrial Designs of Foreign Countries» (according to 32 subject-maters groups based on the International Classification for Industrial Designs (ICID)). This publication contains data on industrial designs registered in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Romany, Slovakia, the USA, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Czech Republic. In comparison with the year 2000 this edition was enlarged by adding information on industrial designs of 8 countries. The total volume of edition is 2 562.7 author’s sheets).

Under contract with the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, scientific and bibliographic data processing was fulfilled concerning information on industrial designs of Japan for 2000.

The publication of the digest «Patent Business» (about 50,0 author’s sheets, 12 issues) was continued with the use of periodical issues on patent activity as well as books, brochures, statistical issues, analytical materials of Rospatent and of foreign patent offices. The «Patent Business» comprises comprehensive abstracts of articles from such foreign publications as «European Patent Office Review», «European Trade Mark Reports», «Copyright Laws», «Patent World Information», «Geweblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht», «Mitteilungen den deutschen Patentanwalte» etc., as well as from the Russian magazines «Intellectual Property», «Patents and Licenses» and others. The digest publications relate to problems of patent business arranging in Russia and abroad as well as various patent offices activities, development of current patent legislation in different countries and amendments to legislative acts for all kinds of industrial property rights; as well as problems on patent examination, patent and information activities, judicial practice, economy of inventions, patent statistics and so on.

9 analytic and thematic issues (43,04 author’s sheets) based on «Patent Business» for previous 3-5 years were published in 2001.

The average edition of the «Patent Business» issue made up 192 copies on paper and 26 copies on diskettes. The average edition of analytic and thematic issues on publications of «Patent Business» made up 160 copies on paper. Besides, 81 copies of analytic and thematic issues in electronic form have been prepared (on diskettes) and distributed among the users.

In 2001 the Annual Indexes (systematic, numeral, names) for 1999 of 8 patent collections (the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan , the EPO and WIPO), with the reference to «The Inventions Worldwide» consisting of Russian abstracts of patent documents included in the Indexes, were published as a reference and search tool on the basis of technology developed in the year 2000.

The total volume of Indexes issued in 2201 was 26 (54 Volumes) which is equivalent of 2 785,2 author’s sheets.

The Tables of Concordance were prepared and published as follows: IPC 7 — the US National Classification- Subject Index of GASNTI (State Service of Scientific and Technical Information) — Universal Decimal Classification, Subject Index of GASNTI — IPC 7, IPC 7 — Subject Index of GASNTI. The total volume of Tables of Concordance is equivalent of 66,7 author’s sheets.

The publication of edition «Perspective Inventions» was continued with a view of facilitating commercialization of the most important inventions registered in the Russian Federation. This issue comprises the information on inventions in main technical branches, meeting the criteria of high technical level, originality of technical solution, sufficient comprehension and readiness to be applied. This information is selected by the Examiners of the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in the stage of applications examination and contains main bibliographic data and abstract of each invention selected. In order to facilitate the use, systematic and numerical indexes are provided at the end of the issue.

The INIC edition «Annual Patent Review — 2000» comprises statistics and short comments in relation to the patents of the Russian Federation granted from 1993 up to 2000, as well as statistics related to certificates for utility models granted from 1994 up to 1999.

The Review comprises data on distribution of patents and certificates according to:

  • the nationality of patent owner;
  • the year of fining an application;
  • subject matter feature (accordig to groups of the International Patent Classification);
  • the regions (subjects) of the Russian Federation;
  • the most active applicants and patent owner.

The «Annual Patent Review» allows to estimate the patent situation in the Russian Federation in the year under review and, in particular, to evaluate:

  • activity of both national and foreign applicants;
  • time lag of granting title of protection for inventions and utility models;
  • field of industry characterized by the most activity of patenting;
  • intellectual resources of various regions of the Russian Federation;
  • the most active applicants and patent owners.

To compare the distribution of the patent of the Russian Federation according to 8 Sections of the IPC, the Review contains the same data of industrial countries and two international organizations for the period from 1999 to 2000.

In 2001, for the first time, the «Annual Patent Review-2000» was published on CD-ROM.

In 2001 the publication of the journal «Patent Information Today» was continued. This edition is intended to clarify the problems of patent and information activity in this country and abroad as well as interrelations between information and law, information and management of entrepreneur activity, etc.

The analytical reviews and information on emerging technologies, activity of patent attorneys and biggest information centers, trends in development of information support for the system of intellectual property protection all over the world were published in this journal.

Aiming at the methodical support to patent information activities and promotion of inventive and patent activities in Russian regions, in 2001 a great attention was paid to publication of regulative, methodical and training materials.

In total 55 titles have been issued (total volume made up 339,6 author’s sheets and average edition made up 260 copies).

In addition to publishing activity, in 2001 patent and information serviced were rendered to the consumers (coping patent specifications, translations into Russian, subject matter and name searches, search of postal addresses of authors of inventions, etc.). The search results are available both on paper and machine-readable carriers. More than 180 requested were fulfilled.

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