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Annual reports 2001 - Section 12


Computerization of Main Information and Technology Processes

In 2001 the works, aimed at the transition to paperless technology of processing the applications for all industrial property rights, electronic forms of publishing the official information and electronic services of the applicants, were continued under the Program of complex modernization of the Patent Office’s Automated Systems for 2000-2004.

Within the framework of this Program, the infrastructure of horizontal part of local network architecture was developed, computer capacity was increased, main application software were established.

The trademarks were chosen as basic subject matter of industrial property for realization of main functions of examination and paperless technology. In particular, the following works were carried out, within the framework of project «TM-EXAM-SEARCH» implemented by company «Siemens» under contract with Rospatent:

  • all necessary documents for stage «Specification» were drafted;
  • requirement as to data migration, adequate software were developed; data related to primary tasks of project were transmitted from existing database to new envelop, in particular for testing and selecting of search facilities;
  • functions and participants of working groups under project and tasks thereof were determined;
  • training of specialists in the field of modern methods and facilities used in information systems’ designing, was organized.

12.1. Modernization of automated administrative processing systems for industrial property rights

In 2001 the works, aimed at modernization and increasing of functional capacities of existed automatic systems including interrelation facilities between basic Databases System Administration (СУБД), were carried out. At present, the automated administrative processing systems (АБД) on inventions, utility models and industrial designs possess the enlarged possibilities of preparing the outgoing correspondence, facilities for preparation and transfer of data for publication. The prerequisites for use of facilities for automated layout of texts of Rospatent Official Publications are created.

The modules for communication of СУБД PICK (which is an environment of АБД designing) with Windows’ environment — software applications using the Internet technology — were developed. It allows to increase the reliability of data, simplify the information exchange among various applications and provide new possibilities to the users, transform certain applications to modern platforms of software and hardware.

The program complex «Patent Attorneys of the Russian Federation » was upgraded on the basis of the Intranet technology; new Subsystem providing accumulation and analysis of data concerning patent attorneys of the Russian Federation on the basic of data from АБД and AC TЗ РФ (Trademark Automatic System) was developed; procedure of automated telecommunication of data on patent attorneys to various automatic systems of the Office was developed as well. The works, aimed at updating patent collection in relation to the countries which terminated the patent information exchange and placing patent specifications in the Internet home pages, were performed. The reconstruction of FIPS’s local network ,with a view of transfer and adaptation of the main information arrays of the Patent Library to FIPS’s network, was fulfilled.

The program complex for working with three-lingual version of the 8th edition of the Nice Classification (МКТУ-8) was developed. It allows to carry out various searchers according to classifier which was amended by use of more correct and wide presentation in description of goods and services. The said program complex is integrated with automatic system of trademark examination (AC TЗ РФ) which allows to increase the examination quality.

The analysis of existing information resources of Rospatent was performed and proposals to use thereof with a view of forming the automated register of national inventions were drafted.

12.2. Computerization of Main Information and Technological Processes

The computerization of the publishing processes provided a possibility of the complete automation of Rospatent’s official publication process as a whole.

The bibliographic data prepared by the Automated Administrative Processing System (АБД ФИПС) and textual information transformed into electronic carrier on the earliest stage of application proceeding is used in all publications concerning the inventions and utility models.

The manual data loading for publications concerning the trademarks is partially excluded, information is downloaded in electronic and verified by examiners.

A significant work aimed at providing the possibility to use textual information of the claims and patent specifications, transformed into electronic form at the stage of application filing, was carried out. A specific software was developed with the objective to allow the examiners, editors and correctors to proceed this information within common software environment, which diminishes the labour costs in the stage of examination and preparation of documents for publication as well as secures identity of published documents both in electronic and paper form.

The scanning of backlog of national patent collection from 1924 to 1993 (6 000 000 pages, 460 Gb) is over.

The usage of indexed electronic collection for carrying out the patent searches, production of DVD-ROM using retrieval system MIMISA and access to all user via the Internet are envisaged.

The technology was developed for publication of all applications for granting patents of the Russian Federation for inventions and issuing certificates of the Russian Federation for utility models, which were transformed into electronic form at the earliest stage of filing with Rospatent.

The documentation, used in electronic form for publication of data on applications for patents of the Russian Federation, includes:

  • bibliographic data;
  • claims.

The documentation, used in electronic form for publication of data on granted patents of the Russian Federation, includes:

  • bibliographic data;
  • claims;
  • abstract;
  • patent specification;
  • drawings.

The documentation, used in electronic form for publication of data on issuing certificates of the Russian Federation for utility models, includes:

  • bibliographic data;
  • claims;
  • drawings.

12.3. Utilization of Modern Technologies in Examination Procedure

In 2001 a new matter in use of compact discs for performing searches was an improvement of carriers and adequate software. The CD-ROM collection was updated by disks containing upgraded version (v.4.1.15) of MIMOSA software. The majority of databases in 2001 was established on DVD-ROM, the more compact carriers of information which allows to minimize a space for stocking of great volumes of information including full-text collection of patent specifications (USA, EPO, WIPO). At present, databases ESPACE ACCESS, ESPACE WORLD, ESPACE EP-B, USAPat, USAApp are available on DVD-ROM.


The reference and legal information databases were updated by new version of «Cumulative Index to Collection of the former USSR and Russia» (since 1924 up to now) developed under version 4.1 of MIMOSA software.

The CD-ROM electronic dictionaries Lingvo 7/0 and Multilex 2/0 are installed in each examiner’s working station (8) located in CD-ROM hall. Lingvo 7/0 (English-Russian, Russian-English) contains the increased number of specialized dictionaries as compared with previous version. Multilex 2/0 allows to translate from English into French, German, Russian and vice versa.

By the end of 2001, CD-ROM collection (8716 disks, both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM) included 65 databases containing the documentation of 23 countries and 4 international organizations. Table 12.3.1 shows the number of CD-ROMs received from foreign patent offices.

At present, in all workstations (located in CD-ROM hall and intended for carrying out patent searches) two versions of MIMOSA software are installed, namely version V.3.6 (old fashioned, familiarized, which can be used for carrying out the search on new databases as well as on Australian patent database, which operates only under this version of MIMOSA) and version V.4.1 (new, improved, provided with greater number of search possibilities and Russian interface). Thus, examiner has the possibility to carry out the search using the workstation, which is more comfortable and habitual for him or her.

The translation program PROMT, containing the collection of specialized dictionaries (English, German, French) are being used by examiners in more effective way.

The inquiry search aids (СПА) to CD-ROM collection (both on paper and in electronic form) are available which creates the most favorable conditions for examiners in working with CD-ROM databases. The above is used by examiners while selecting databases to carry out the searchers. Besides, instructive and methodical materials were issued and amended. The comprehensive and brief instructions on work with various software versions and databases, available in CD-ROM hall, were issued.

The state and usage of CD-ROM collection is shown in Table 12.3.2 and accompanying Diagram.

The above Diagram shows a significant decrease (up to normal level of working places in the CD-ROM hall) of number of examiner’ requests while carrying out the searches on CD-ROM databases and, respectively, amount of disks received for searches carried out in 2001 as compared with increase of such indices in previous years. The said decrease in overloading of CD-ROM hall is explained by the fact that Examination departments received additional number of computers and examiners could carry out the searches on national and foreign databases via the Internet from workstations located in Examination departments.

The databases available for carrying out the searches are used by examiners in a different way due to different contents and backlog term of various databases. The most popular databases are: «GLOBALPat» containing patent documentation of five countries (USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland) and two international organizations (EPO, WIPO) from 1971 to 1999 and systematized according to the IPC; «PAJ» containing English abstracts of Japanese applications since 1976, which is suitable in carrying out the search in the same version of MIMIZA software under the same request.

Moreover, the CD-ROM collection includes the specific subject matter databases such as Medline, Russian Medicine, Register of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology (Derwent), Culinary Encyclopedia, Automobiles Encyclopedia, Armaments Encyclopedia. The above databases are auxiliary tools used in carrying out of search, especially by examiners accessing the medicine databases.

Table 12.3.3 and accompanying Diagram illustrate the interest of examiners to various databases when carrying out CD-ROM searches.

In 2001 the work aimed at enlarging the possibilities of on-line searches carried out by experts including through INTERNET (both free and commercial ones) were continued.

It became possible mainly because the Examination departments were provided with the workstations and examiners were trained in the field of carrying out such searches.

In 2001 the cooperation between the FIPS and commercial company «Questel-Orbit», which became the world leading host in the field of intellectual property, was continued to develop. This company provides the examiners of the Patent Offices with an access to more than 70 patent and technological information databases in all branches of industry, including the leading patent database «Derwent World Patent Index».

The carrying out of the searches in the field of medicine was continued under contract concluded with company «Lexis Nexis» on unlimited access to database.

In 2001 the contract was signed with another leading information company «STN» which significantly increased the possibilities of Examination’ information support, especially in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

An access of the examiners to databases of two aforementioned commercial companies was available from special computer room for on-line database searches equipped by modern computers linked both to the INTERNET and commercial databases available through modem telecommunication means.

Within the framework of cooperation between Rospatent and the European Patent Office (EPO), the usage of EPOQUE — workstation of the EPO information and retrieval system — was continued. In period of exploitation of the EPOQUE workstation (since the year 2000) more than 200 searches were performed in relation to applications in various fields of science and technology as well as approximately the same number of searches were carried out under directives of top management of the Office and R&D works fulfilled by the examiners. This is relatively small amount of searches for such system which can be explained by insufficient skills of the majority of examiners in the field of online searchers.

The most complicated searches were performed by use of EPOQUE terminal, when other search methods were not effective, for example in a case of sophisticated terminological requests; multi-synonym requests; searches for patent information of countries not included in the «PCT minimum documentation» or «exotic» languages (for Russian examiners); when it was necessary to look through the documents absent in the State Patent Examination Collection, Patent Library or other Russian libraries including document cited in International Search Reports (under the PCT and EP) and non-patent documentation searches.

In order to use the automated computer search in examination procedure, the examiners are permanently have been trained in the field of computerized search methods and users’ guides for search were drafted as well.

The modern search technologies are also used for carrying our the searches on requests of scientific and industrial enterprises.

12.4. Utilization of Internet resources of Rospatent

In 1999 assess via the Internet was opened to the Information & Retrieval System (ИПС) for national patent documentation developed by Rospatent, including the following databases:

  • Full Text Database on Russian inventions (containing data on 212 thousands of patent for inventions issued for 1994-2001, monthly updated);
  • Database on abstracts of the Russian inventions (containing data on 344 thousands of patent for inventions for 1994-2001, monthly updated);
  • Database on English-Language abstracts of the Russian inventions (containing data on more than 211 thousands of patent for inventions for 1994-2001, monthly updated);
  • Database on abstracts of the Russian utility models (containing data on more than 20 thousands of utility models’ certificates for 1996-2001, monthly updated);
  • Database on Russian trademarks (containing data on more than 120 thousands of trademarks‘ certificates for 1991-2001, monthly updated);
  • Database on international trademark registrations with the designation of Russia (containing data on more than 105 thousands of international trademark registrations with the designation of Russia for 1980-2001, monthly updated);
  • Database «Perspective Inventions», which is available for the subscribers to full text databases on inventions;
  • Database «Appellations of Origin», which is available for the subscribers to database on trademarks;
  • Database the IPC (6th and 7th edition), which is available for the subscribers to full text databases on inventions;

In 2001 new databases were developed, namely:

  • Database on industrial designs (containing data on more than 12 thousands patents for industrial designs for 1993-2001, quarterly updated);
  • Database the Nice Classification (7.3th edition),
  • Database the Locarno Classification (7th edition).


An access to full text databases on inventions, database on utility models, database on trademark, database on industrial designs is authorized to external users after concluding the contract. Databases on abstracts of inventions (bout in Russian and English) are free for public access.

In 2001:

  • about 11 thousands of users of databases on abstracts from more than 700 cities of 73 countries all over the world were registered;
  • 465 proposals to conclude the contract authorizing the access to full text databases on inventions, database on trademarks and database on industrial designs were received, 325 contracts were concluded, including 136 contracts authorizing the access to several databases;
  • 175 internal users (FIPS) were registered.

In 2001 both internal and external users sent more than 575 thousands requests to Information and Retrieval System (ИПС), including:

  • about 142 thousands requests from internal users of databases;
  • about 374 thousands requests from external users during the access to databases of abstracts;
  • about 59 thousands requests from authorized users during the access to databases.

In 2001 a total number of access to Information and Retrieval System was 74 298, including:

  • 11 132 access of authorized users;
  • 48 193 free accesse users;
  • 14 973 accesses of examiners.

During the period of exploitation of Retrieval System (1999 to 2001):

  • more than 14 thousands of free access users were registered ( non-mandatory registration);
  • more than 700 contracts authorizing access to databases were concluded, including 225 contracts authorizing the access to several databases;
  • more than 500 internal users were registered;
  • users sent 854 653 requests, including:
    • 197 954 requests of internal users;
    • 563 624 requests of free access users;
    • 93 084 requests of authorized users;
    • 118 346 users communicated with the Retrieval System, including:
      • authorized users -15 522;
      • free access users — 81 787;
      • examiners — 21 037.

The increase in number of requests is represented in Table 12.4.1. & 12.4.2

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