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Annual reports 2001 - Section 14


Scientific Activities of Rospatent

The research and development activities (hereinafter referred to as R&D ) of the Rospatent are carrying out in the field of it competence according to the Statutes of the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks. The implementation of the R&D results into practice is aimed at the improvement the Rospatent work. The Science and Technology Councils (hereinafter referred to as the STC) of the Rospatent was established for carrying out the scientific analysis of current challenges and making necessary recommendations.

The main tasks and functions in the field of scientific activity are implementing by the basic organization of Rospatent — the Federal Institute of Industrial Property which is charged to carry out research and development activities in accordance with the Statute and possessing the State accreditation as a scientific organization, under the Federal Law «On Science and State Scientific and Technological Policy».

This activity as a whole was aimed at the implementation of the main provisions of the aforementioned Statutes and the Federal Law.

14.1 Main problems and tasks

The main problems and tasks in the field of the research and development activities of Rospatent in 2001 are as follows:

  • amending the statutory and normative basis in relation to the legal protection of industrial property rights and certain copyrights and related rights;
  • computerization of the main information and technological processes including use of paperless technology for processing the applications for industrial property rights, electronic publication of the Official Bulletins and development of links with various categories of the users.
  • research of patent and technological information, in particular with the purpose of forecasting the trends of scientific and technological development;
  • enlarging the international scientific and technological cooperation;
  • providing the further integration of scientific and educational processes;
  • enhancing the training and educating functions, attracting the youth to the science, improving the professional skills of the scientific explorers;
  • perfecting the system of scientific activities’ management.

14.2 Science and Technology Councils

The Science and Technology Councils of the Rospatent and Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) operate as an Advisory Body and governed by the Director General of Rospatent and the Director of FIPS.

In 2001 the STC structure was changed: a new Section of the Rospatent STC «Problems of Copyright and Related Rights» was established. The detailed information concerning the activity of the said section is placed in Chapter 13 «Copyright and Related Rights» of the Report.

In the year 2001, 12 major issues and reports were discussed during 5 joint meetings of Science and Technological Councils (STC) of Rospatent and the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) in result of which the adequate recommendations were adopted. The main attention was paid to such specific problems as:

  • issues and possible ways of computer programs protection;
  • protection of biotechnological objects and prospective ways of its development;
  • issue of the legal protection of pharmaceutical substances and methods of exerting influence to the human being in view of harmonization of the national and foreign patent law;
  • issue of the legal protection of biological active additions and functional kinds of food and proposals related in relation to amendments of legislative and normative Acts;
  • issue of the legal protection of inventions in the field of combinatorial chemistry in the countries with developed pharmaceutical industry and Russia;

Among the information problems the following issues were discussed: use of the Internet resources in the field of patent information for various categories of the users, establishment of the WIPO World Information Network (WIPO-Net) and participation of Rospatent in this project.

The STC also paid an attention to the issues of copyright and related rights by discussing the reports «Protection of Copyright and Related Rights and Measures of Further Improvement of Legal and Normative Basis of Protection Thereof» and «Results of the Diplomatic Conference on Audiovisual Performances».

The sections of the Science and Technology Councils worked very effective and held more than 30 sessions in which more than 70 issues were discussed. The main attention in the sessions were paid to drafting of the Plan of R&D activity of Rospatent, considering of information on the R&D results and final R&D Reports as well.

14.3. Carrying out of Scientific Activities

Table 14.3.1 shows the number, orientation and main results of R&D works carried out in 2001. The certain results of R&D activities, in fact are presented in Sections 2, 11 and 12 of the Report.


It should be noted that one of the most important results of R&D activities, according to first direction, is that the State Duma (Russian Parliament) adopted in first reading the amendments to the RU Patent Law and Law on Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin».

It should be underlined as well the continuation of the works on drafting the set of Departmental Acts governing various aspects of scientific activity within the framework of Rospatent aimed at carrying out the results-oriented scientific activity in Rospatent and its further improvement (at present, nine normative Acts are drafted and entered into force by Rospatent).

The results of scientific activity as a rule embodied in a form of publications in specialized magazines and reviews of Rospatent as well as reports presented during scientific and practical conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. (see Section 15 of the Report).

14.4. Issues of integration of scientific and educational processes

The scientific and educational processes within the framework of Rospatent system basically are in competence of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) and Russian State Educational Institute of Intellectual Property (RGIIS).

The Director General of Rospatent and Chairmen of two STCs (Rospatent and FIPS) , A.D. Korchagin and the Deputy Director General of Rospatent, N.V. Bogdanov govern this activity as a whole.

The member of the Rospatent Board, Deputy Director of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property on Scientific Activity, O.L. Alexeeva bears the responsibility for practical governing this activity in both Rospatent and FIPS.

A new Division of Organization of R&D and Training was established in the FIPS at the end of the year 2000 and began an effective work at the beginning of 2001 to implement the organizational purposes in this field.

The staff of this Division, in particular organizes the training of newly recruited examiners, improvement of professional skills of personnel, promotes the participation of post-graduate students in R&D activity, rendering them a methodological assistance in this field as well as assisting in learning the normative Acts regulating the R&D activity in Rospatent.

It should be noted that the Rector, Pro-Rector and certain specialists of the Russian State Educational Institute of Intellectual Property are the members of the STC and STC’Sections of Rospatent and FIPS. One representative of the FIPS is a member of the RGIIS Scientific Council as well.


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