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Annual reports 2001 - Section 5


Registration of License Contracts to Confer Rights of Using Industrial Property Subject Matter

5.1. Inventions, utility models, industrials designs

In 2001 the total number of contracts registered amounted to 2022, thus showing a 4,3 % decrease as compared to 2000, but nevetheless signigicantly exceeds that observed during all preceding years (see Table 5.1.1).



The total number of patent assignment contracts is practically the same as in the previous year (1131) and a share of such contracts in the total number of contract registered achieved 55,9 %.

The significant number of patent assignment contracts as compared to previous year was caused by bankruptcy of the patent owners.

The number of exclusive license contracts accounted for 201, i.e. increased by 12,3 % The share of exclusive license contracts is 9,9% of the total amount of contracts registered. The share of non-exclusive license contracts is significant (34,2%). The number of such contracts accounted for 690, i.e. decreased by 14,3% as compared to previous year, which is noticeable on the background of a great increasing of such contracts in the year 2000. The decrease of this indicator caused by decreasing in the total amount of contracts registered.

During 2001, the total number of 2140 protected industrial property rights, including 1672 patents for inventions, 138 patents for industrial designs and 330 utility model certificates, were licensed, thus showing 1,9 % increase as compared to 2000. More than 25 % of industrial property rights were repeatedly licensed, i. e. were subject of several contracts.

In 2001, the rate of growth in the number of utility model certificates licensed was the most significant – by 39 % as compared to the previous year. The number of patents for inventions was not changed and industrial designs increased by 35,5 % as compared to the previous year, which testifies the trend to growing popularity of «petite inventions».

Table 5.1.1 shows the decrease in number of published declarations to grant an open license but, at the same time, the number of applications to obtain such licence increased especially in November and December of 2001.

Table 5.1.2 shows data on contracts concluded from 1997 to 2001 in accordance with branches of economy. This data is one of indicators of development of innovative processes in various fields of technology.


The most demanded are inventions, industrial designs, utility models in such fields of technology as mechanical engineering, machine-tool industry, tool production, oil and gas production, chemistry, petroleum chemistry, and also in the fields not requiring substantial investments for the development of new technology, such as a light and food-processing industry and medicine. As compared to relative stability in the majority of technical fields, in 2001 there was a substantial growth of this indicator in chemistry, petroleum chemistry, electronics and computer production, machine-tool industry, medicine as well as in agriculture, geology, polygraphs, which are indicated in Table 5.1.2 as «Others». The decrease was noted in metallurgy, power engineering, electrical engineering oil and gas production.

Table 5.1.3 shows data characteristic of activity of different categories of economic entities and natural persons when assigning rights to protected industrial property subject matter. The private enterprises are the most active both in acquisition and transfer of patented technology — the number of contracts in which those enterprises were involved as transferors amounted to 54,0 %, as transferees to 80,0 % of the total number of contracts registered.


The activities of foreign companies both as transferors and transferees have been also increased greatly.

The indicator of activities of natural persons was stable at a sufficiently high level for this category. The number of contracts where natural persons are transferors has increased by 10 %, whereas those where they are transferees — by 3 %.

The trend towards decrease in the activity of the state structures, such as enterprises, R&D institutions, design offices, Universities both as transferor and transferee of patented technology.

5.2. Trademarks and Service Marks

Data on the number of contracts registered in 2001 and the dynamics of registering the contracts in 1997-2001 are presented in Table 5.2.1.


As follows from Table 5.2.1, the number of contracts registered, which permanently increased during last years of previous age, now is decreasing as a result of decrease of number of trademark assignment contracts registered.

The number of trademark assignments in the year under review is comparable with number of license contracts registered.

The number of registered contracts with respect to trademarks owned by the Russian holders of rights exceeds that of contracts with respect to trademarks owned by foreign holders of rights by 4.5 fold.

The comparative data on the parties to contracts registered in 1999-2001 (Russian and foreign persons) are shown in Table 5.2.2.


In 2001, assignment contracts were registered in respect of 2682 trademarks, including 2207 (82.3 %) owned by Russian holders of rights and 475 (17.7 % ) owned by foreign holders of rights.

In 2001 the license contracts to use a trademark were registered in respect of 2773 trademarks, including 2246 (81%) owned by Russian holders of rights and 527 (19 %) owned by foreign holders of rights.

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