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Annual reports 2002



  Foreword PDF (431 Kb)
1 Main Activities of Rospatent in 2002 PDF (535 Kb)
2 Improving Statutory Foundation of Intellectual Property Legal Protection PDF (51 Kb)
3 Examination and Registration of Industrial Property Rights PDF (226 Kb)
4 Registration of Computer Programs, Databases, and Topographies of Integrated Circuits PDF (134 Kb)
5 Registration of Contracts to Confer Rights of 'Using Industrial Property Subject Matter PDF (152 Kb)
6 Activities of the Board of Appeals and the Higher Patent Chamber. Judiciary Practice PDF (229 Kb)
7 Activities of Rospatent as the Receiving Office International Searching Authority and the International Preliminary Examining Authority PDF (78 Kb)
8 Cooperation with the Russian Federation Regions PDF (218 Kb)
9 International Cooperation PDF (181 Kb)
10 State Collection of Patent Documentation PDF (93 Kb)
11 Patent and Dataware PDF (795 Kb)
12 Computerization of Main Information and Technology Processes PDF (143 Kb)
13 Copyright and Related Rights PDF (57 Kb)
14 Scientific Activities of Rospatent PDF (102 Kb)
15 Training of Specialists and Improving of Professional Skills in the Field of Industrial Property Protection. Promotion of Inventive Activity PDF (168 Kb)
16 Patent Attorneys of the Russian Federation. Statistics and Analysis PDF (150 Kb)
17 Cooperation of Rospatent with the Federal Bodies of Executive Power. Statistics on Statements Lodged by Natural Persons and Legal Entities PDF (132 Kb)
  Annexes PDF (278 Kb)

Statistic Data

Annex 1 .Inventions, Utility Models 

Annex 2. Industrial Design

Annex 3. Trademarks and Service Marks 

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