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Annual reports 2005 - Section 4


Computerization and Modernization of Automated Systems of Rospatent

4.1. Program of the comprehensive modernization of the automated systems of Rospatent

Within the implementation of the program for the comprehensive modernization of Rospatent's automated systems, in the year under review the following works were carried out:

• The development of a new search system for trademarks “TM­EXAM­SEARCH” was completed and its testing was started. The transfer of data from the existing automated system “TZ RF” to the new one was started including actions ensuring the compatibility and interconnection between two systems;

• The software for the first version of an automated system for processing and controlling electronic document flow for trademarks examination (referred to as the “TM­ADMIN”) was prepared.

• A comprehensive automated system for processing contracts and agreements (referred to as “AS “Contracts””) covering all protection titles of the Intellectual Property including the rights to computer software and registered topographies (layouts) of integrated circuits;

• An automated subsystem for preparing electronic dossiers of applications relating to inventions and utility models (containing bibliographic data, description of the invention, claims, drawings) was developed; the said subsystem is used for extracting the above mentioned data from the electronic archive of application files and for preparing all types of examiner's opinion and decisions as well as various types of correspondence exchanged during the examination; the subsystem is also used for preparing data recorded in XML format for a subsequent publication;

• An automated System for Processing International Registrations of Trademarks (referred to as RPMECA) was developed which provides for automated handling of trademarks applications filed according to the International (Madrid) registration procedure;

• Works on the International Project “MECA” enabling paperless exchange of notifications and data on international trademarks registrations in electronic form between WIPO and Rospatent (in the framework of Madrid Agreement and Protocol) were completed;

• An automated System for electronic publishing the Official Publications of Rospatent covering all types of Intellectual Property was put into operation which ensured the transition to paperless publication of official information about inventions, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs on CD­ROM disks and via Internet;

• Open­access Registries for all kinds of patent documents were developed; a similar Registry for national trademarks applications filed from 01.01.2005 onwards was put into operation as well;

• An automated search subsystem for trademark applications enabling searches of various data elements of national applications for trademarks filed as of 01.01.2005 was put into operation;

An automated system “Electronic Publication of Rospatent’s Official Editions
on the Industrial Property Rights” was put into operation in 2005

• Preparatory works for the implementation of a modern automated Library System (ABS) were completed; the said system will allow the transition to the use of electronic means and on­line access for library visitors to the data of electronic Index of national and foreign collections of patent literature;

• The deployment of an integrated Management System designed for a state budget­financed institution based on the use of software “Parus” was launched with a view to provide for the centralized management of human resources, the supervision of planning, control & accounting functions as well as monitoring, collecting and analyzing of performance parameters of the activities of Rospatent subordinate organizations;

• The software supporting the implementation of the IPC of the advanced Level was designed and incorporated in all computerized systems of Rospatent which deal with processing of inventions, including the publication system.

4.2. Utilization of Internet Resources of Rospatent

In 2005 the access to the following search tools was provided on the web­site of Rospatent via Internet:

• Information Retrieval System (IRS) for national patent documentation;

• Registries of Russian Patent Documents relating to all kinds of industrial property and to the Registry for trademarks applications filed in 2005;

• Official Bulletins of Rospatent: “Inventions and Utility Models”, “Trademarks, Service marks and Appellations of Origin”, “Industrial Designs”.

The Internet Resources of Rospatent include the following databases:

• a full­text database of Russian inventions (containing the information about 300 thousand patents for inventions covering the time period from 1994 to 2005 inclusive; the latter being updated three times each month);

• a backdating database of Russian patent documents presented in facsimile format (contains the information about 1, 433 thousand of patent documents for inventions covering the time period from 1924 to 1993 inclusive);

• an abstract database for Russian inventions (contains the information about 542 thousand of applications and patents covering the time period from 1994 to 2005 inclusive; being updated three times each month);

• an English­language abstract data­base for Russian inventions (contains the information about 299 thousand of applications and patents covering the time period from 1994 to 2005 inclusive; being updated three times each month);

• an abstract database for Russian utility models (contains the information about 49 thousand of certificates and patents for utility models covering the time period from 1996 to 2005 inclusive; being updated three times each month);

• a database for Russian trademarks (contains the information about 219 thousand of Russian certificates for trademarks covering the time period from 1925 to 2005 inclusive; being updated two times each month);

• a database for International Trademarks Registrations containing designations of Russia (contains the information about 123 thousand of international registrations with designation of Russia covering the time period from 1980 to 2004 ); the access being provided for subscribers to Trademarks databases;

• a database for “Perspective inventions”;

• a database “Appellations of Origin” for subscribers to Trademarks databases;

• a database for “Well­known trademarks”;

• a database for Russian industrial designs (contains the information about 22 thousand of patents for industrial designs covering the time period from 1993 to 2005 inclusive; being updated each month);

• a database for Russian trademarks applications filed during 2005 (contains the information about 34 thousand of applications; being updated daily)

• a database of the Russian­language IPC (the 6­th and 7­th editions);

• a Russian­language database of the International Classification of Goods and Services;

• a Russian­language database of the International Classification of Industrial Designs.

Access to and use of the Information Search System

Access for external users to the full­text databases of inventions, databases of utility models, databases of trademarks and databases of industrial designs is provided on a contract basis.

In the framework of the Program of Regional Cooperation between Rospatent and Regions of the Russian Federation more than 100 organizations obtained a free­of­charge access to full­text databases.

A free­of­charge access for external users is provided to:

In respect of inventions:

• Abstract databases (in Russian and English);

• Database “Perspective Inventions”;

• Full­text database containing documents published in three recent Bulletins “Inventions and Utility Models”;

• Database of the IPC.

In respect of Utility models:

• Full­text database containing documents published in three recent Bulletins “Inventions and Utility Models”;

• Database of the IPC.

In respect of Trademarks:

• database containing documents published in the two recent Bulletins “Trademarks, Service marks and Appellations of Origin”,

• database “Well­known Trademarks in Russia”;

• database of the International Classification of Goods and Services.

In 2005 over 700 contracts providing access to commercially available databases of Rospatent were concluded. The total number of contracts concluded during the whole period of maintenance and use of the computerized system of Rospatent amounted approximately to 4,470 contracts; by the end of 2005 about 3,030 contracts were still valid.

During 2005 the number of search queries submitted by internal and external users to the IRS totaled to 2,580 thousand whereas:

• Over 650 thousand of queries were received from internal users of the databases

• Over 1,890 thousand of queries were filed by external users.

The number of search sessions performed in the IRS during 2005 amounted to 570 thousand whereas:

• over 102 thousand sessions were performed on the payment basis;

• over 322 thousand sessions were on a free­of­charge basis;

• over 143 thousand sessions were performed at the request of examiners.

Diagram 4.2.1 shows the distribution of numbers of queries processed by the IRS during the period of 2000­2005

Diagram 4.2.2 Distribution of search queries to the system broken down by years

Access for users to Registries of Russian patent documents

The users of Registries enjoyed a free­of­charge access to all patent documents available in Internet resources of Rospatent and to applications for registration of trademarks filed during 2005.

During 2005 the total number of queries submitted by internal and external users to the Registries amounted to more than 2,039 thousand whereas

• over 90 thousand queries were filed by internal users;

• about 1950 thousand queries were filed by outside users.

The Diagram 4.2.3 shows the distribution of queries directed to Registries broken down by years and the Diagram 4.2.4 shows the distribution of queries directed to Registries broken down according to types of industrial property rights.

The utilization of Official Bulletins by users

The users enjoyed a free­of­charge access to Bulletins of Rospatent published during the recent month: three Bulletins “Inventions and Utility Models”, two Bulletins “Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin” and one Bulletin “Industrial Designs”. As soon as new bulletins are published the previous information is replaced.

During 2005 more than 154 thousand queries were addressed to the Bulletins of Rospatent.

4.3. The utilization of databases containing inventions, utility models and scientific and technical information

In 2005 the number of databases based on the use of the new advanced version of Software MIMOSA 5.0 including database “Patents of Russia” continued to increase.

From 2005 onwards searches in the collection of national utility models became more convenient since in addition to the bibliographic database “Patents (Certificates) for Utility Models” (coverage from 1994 to 2004) two more electronic versions of databases “Official Bulletins: Inventions. Utility Models” were launched: one in Russian and the second one – a bilingual (in Russian and in English) covering title pages. The said electronic Bulletins contain bibliographic data and claims for patents and applications for inventions, claims of utility models and announcements for 2005.

Optical disks containing patent documents of CIS­countries were supplemented by the inclusion of full texts of patent documents of Ukraine for 2005 and a database of the Official Bulletin of Uzbekistan for 2004.

The Database “CISPATENT ACCESS” will be now produced on DVD­ROM as a Cumulative one providing access to full­text collection for 2002–2004.

The computerization of searching of scientific and technical literature enhancing the quality of the information support of the examination process was aimed at the following measures:

• ascertaining ways how to access narrow subject­matter databases via Internet and electronic information resources on websites of various libraries;

• preparing of instructive documents and manuals for the use thereof;

• providing access to those databases for examiners.

The number of databases stored on more spacious media like DVD­ROM is constantly increasing and, as a result, more information can be accommodated on the existing storage areas.

Table 4.3.1 shows the number of disks received in the CD­ROM collection for each country

Table 4.3.1

Arrival of CD with patent documents for the CD­ROM collection


Number of disks received in the year 2005

Total number of disks by the end of the year 2005



















EP, WO (Abstracts DVD)






JP (Abstracts)



JP (Full text)





















By the end of 2005 the CD­ROM collection of the Federal Institute of industrial Property contained 121 databases which were stored on 14,699 disks (CD­ROM and DVD) and covered the information originating from 32 countries and 4 international organizations.

The system of automated translation PROMT was upgraded in 2005 by acquisition of an advanced version Upgrade PROMT Professional 7/0 and its installation on the existing and newly acquired working stations, stock­taking of the working stations with the previously installed PROMT system was carried out which allowed to identify defective installations and to connect those working stations to the new PROMT system; besides, a general demand in additional connections to be provided in examiners' divisions was identified.

Special search aids for accessing the CD­ROM collection which are stored both on paper and on electronic carriers are continuously updated. The said search aids are actively used by examiners since they allow to shorten search time in accessing data bases on optical media and alleviate work conditions. In order to update and maintain the said search aids the respective Instructions and Guidelines (complete and short versions) were revised and improved and new ones are created for newly received databases.

Some quantitative data describing the status and the use of the CD­ROM collection broken down by years are given in Table 4.3.2.

Table 4.3.2

Use of the CD­ROM collection broken down by years













Number of disks received












Number of examiners












Number of disks distributed












Number of disks in collection












The number of examiners who conducted searches in databases on optical disks available in the CD­ROM Room was decreasing since the computerization of the examiner's divisions which allowed to conduct more searches at the examiner's desk was steadily growing. Besides, presently more and more searches are conducted by examiners in databases via Internet.

On the other hand, now the CD­ROM Room is more actively used for the purposes of training of examiners in the use of databases, Translation System PROMT, Word editor and for training of newly recruited examiners in acquiring skills relating to the use of the main patent information resources available in electronic form; such training became possible because the CD­ROM Room was less occupied for the purposes of searches.

Nevertheless, searches in Internet databases which are not accessible from the examiner's working stations (e.g. Delphion databases, VINITI databases, as well as those which are accessible with help of such search engines as Yandex, Rambler, Google) are provided for all examiners (either in independent or assisted mode) at the working stations or remote access terminals located in the CD­ROM Room.

The demand in various databases available for examiners in CD­ROM Room varies considerably.

The utilization of various databases accessible by examiners in CD­ROM Room is shown in Table 4.3.3.

Table 4.3.3

The number of uses of various databases by the examiners in the CD­ROM Room

ISIS (Russian Medicine)









119 (CSAL)*


www.benran. ru (БЕН РАН)**



Derwent Biotechnology Abstracts








CIS (Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Republic of Moldova, Turkmenistan)



Patents of Russia




*Central Scientific Agricultural Library

**Library of National Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences

As seen from table 4.3.3. the subject­related database “Russian Medicine” available on CD­ROM disks in the CD Room enjoyed the highest priority with examiners as before.

Next to it in their popularity with examiners for searching scientific and technical literature are search engines Yandex, Rambler and Google.

They are followed by the database “ESPACE WORLD” what can be explained by an intensive use by the experts of the formal examination division.

The following Internet databases are also actively used: DB “VINITI”, EAPATIS, “Patents of Russia”, ESPACEnet”, commercial database “Delphion”, next to them are databases of Internet Libraries: Central Scientific Agricultural Library,

Library of National Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pubmed.

The least demanded ones are patent databases on optical disks.

For enhancing the level of examiners' skills in performing searches through domestic and foreign databases on electronic media and taking into account the imminent comprehensive computerization of the Office there were round­the­year running courses in order to train examiners in using the main types of information retrieval systems, methods of preparing search queries, handling the automated translation system PROMT. In order to facilitate the training user's manuals and guidelines were prepared.

The main part of the examiners' staff was already trained. Newly recruited examiners and novices are involved into the training process for acquiring the skills in searching through local and remote databases. As a result, practically all examiners who attended the courses are able to conduct computerized searches in an unassisted way.

4.4. Databases available for on­line searches for the purposes of examination of inventions and utility models

For carrying out information searches for the purposes of the examination of applications the examiners of FIPS are making use of electronic resources of patent documentation. The examiners have at their disposal over two hundred on­line databases containing patent and non­patent documentation.

Firstly, these are on­line open­access databases of Patent Offices and some non­patent databases which are accessible for examiners from their working stations located in examination divisions. In 2005 the list of such databases was extended by adding two other databases: Prior Art Database of and TWPAT Patent Network containing the patent documentation of Taiwan.

The most frequently used Internet databases are those of Rospatent, the EPO (Esp@cenet), the US Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, the German Patent Office (Depatisnet), WIPO and the internal database of the EAPO–EAPATIS.

The most frequently used non­patent database available in open access mode is DB PubMed created by the National US Library in the area of Medicine.

Besides the mentioned free­access databases, for the purposes of examination of applications the following commercially available (paid) databases are used by examiners:

• Over 200 DB available via network STN International covering both patent and non­patent literature. The STN International provides an unique possibility for searching chemical formulae.

• Patent Databases of Delphion Network. In addition to databases of major world Patent Offices the examiners of FIPS have access to Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI ).

• Database containing patent documents of Japan in English –PATOLIS­e. It has a number of advantages in comparison with the free­of­charge Internet DB – IPDL of JPO: coverage of English­language abstracts for a larger period of time and more advanced search possibilities.

Besides, in the framework of bilateral cooperation with the European Patent Office examiners of the Institute have a direct free­of­charge access to a part of the internal search system of the EPO – EPOQUE. In 2005 an User Manual for the new version of the system PatNet was prepared.

Access for examiners to commercially available remote databases and PatNet (EPOQUE) was provided in a specially equipped Room where the examiners could receive assistance from qualified staff while performing searches.

The same qualified staff is involved in preparing of Instructions and Manuals for the use of on­line databases which are available for examiners. In the same Room examiners are trained in methods of searching in remote on­line databases.

Remote databases available in the On­line Access Room are usually searched by examiners in cases where a wider range of information resources are required for the purposes of searches and those resources are not accessible from the examiner's working stations (usually it happens in the case of commercial DB) or the qualification of an examiner is not sufficient for retrieving the relevant results.

During the year under review over 1,400 searches were conducted. The majority of searches were performed in STN databases in the area of chemistry, namely REGISTRY and Chemical Abstracts (CA).

Access to databases in the Delphion Network is provided in the Remote Access Room (4 working stations) and in the CD­ROM Room (6 working stations).

In 2005 a study of national and foreign Internet databases providing access to non­patent literature valuable for searches for the purposes of application examination was continued, as a result, their information content and their search capabilities were analyzed and described.

4.5. The Transfer of the IPC to an electronic platform

In accordance with the IPC Reform carried out under the auspices of WIPO some remaining works on the transfer of the Russian­language IPC to an electronic platform were completed.

The IPC which had been divided in the course of the Reform into the advanced and core level versions was translated into Russian and both versions were published on paper and CD disks. The electronic version of the IPC for the both levels was supplemented by a special search system elaborated by the specialists of the FIPS.

The advanced level of the Russian­language IPC approved for the use in electronic environment within Rospatent was presented in several modes: in Intranet for the use of examiners and on the website of Rospatent via Internet for the use of public

The national patent documents were reclassified in accordance with the new IPC edition and introduced into a special Reclassification database.

A huge work was carried out to prepare data on the reclassification of national patent documents in accordance with the current IPC edition. The said data was processed in order to be included into the international database MCD (Master Classification database).

Uninterruptible power systems of the new computing center ensure the safety of computer network information of the Institute in case of blackouts


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