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Annual reports 2006 - Section 4


4.1. Program of the Comprehensive Modernization of the Automated Systems (2006)

Within the implementation of the program for the comprehensive modernization of Rospatent's automated systems, in 2006 the following works were carried out:

• The test running of a new search system for the purposes of the examination of trademarks “TM-EXAM-SEARCH” was completed. The transfer of data from the existing automated system “TZ RF” to the new one was continued including actions ensuring the compatibility and interconnection between two systems;

• The software for the first version of automated system for processing and controlling electronic document flow during trademarks examination (referred to as the “TM-ADMIN”) was delivered to a full extent; works were undertaken in order to integrate the automated search system “TM-EXAM-SEARCH” and system “TM-ADMIN” with currently operating automated systems for trademarks and newly developed applications: “Patent Attorneys of the Russian Federation”, “License Agreements and Contracts” and “Court Decisions”. A strategy of the gradual transfer from the existing automated system “Trademarks of the Russian Federation” to the new one was prepared;

• Function opportunities of the automated system “Electronic archives of applications” relating to inventions and utility models were extended whereas the number of new Working stations was increased what enabled updating of electronic dossiers of applications via processing of incoming correspondence and enhanced the quality of data of the application's constituents;

• A new automated system “Patent Attorneys of the Russian Federation” was developed and put into operation what allowed the maintenance of Patent Attorneys Registers and a computerized testing of knowledge and skills of candidates for patent attorneys. Means of transmittal of the data in XML format concerning patent attorneys were developed what allowed exchange of information with all operating systems of Rospatent;

• An automated system “Court Decisions” was developed and is being implemented which provided for an electronic document flow related to participation in court proceedings and execution of court rulings taken in respect of various IP rights. This system allows to maintain a database containing the court decisions and serves for taking into account precedent cases in court litigations. It is planned to integrate the system “Court Decisions” with the existing document processing systems of Rospatent as well as with publishing systems and the Official Registries;

• The Opens Online Registry for national applications for inventions filed after 01.01.07 was developed, the said Registry contains periodically changing data on processing of the applications and allows to increase the transparency of the Office and serves the purpose of extending the information services for the users;

• A comprehensive system for processing the data on contracts for all items of intellectual property rights (AS “Agreements and Contracts') was put into operation;

• An automated System for Processing the International Registrations of Trademarks (RPMECA) was developed and put into operation;

• An automated non­paper technology of preparation and transfer of data for electronic publishing of the Official Publications about Trademarks on CD-ROM disks and via Internet was developed and put into operation;

4.2 Usage of Internet Resources of Rospatent (2006)

In 2006 the access to the following search tools was provided on the web-site of Rospatent via Internet:

• Information Retrieval System (IRS) for national patent documentation;

• Registries of the Russian Patent Documents relating to all kinds of industrial property rights and the Registry of trademarks applications filed in 2005 and 2006;

• Official Bulletins of Rospatent: “Inventions and Utility Models”, “Trademarks, Service marks and Appellations of Origin”, “Industrial Designs”.

The Internet Resources of Rospatent include the following databases:

• a full-text database of Russian inventions (containing the information about 323 thousand patents for inventions covering the time period from 1994 to 2006 inclusive; being updated three times each month);

• a backdating database of Russian patent documents presented in facsimile format (contains the information about 1, 433 thousand of patent documents for inventions covering the time period from 1924 to 1993 inclusive);

• an abstract database for Russian inventions (contains the information about 578 thousand of applications and patents covering the time period from 1994 to 2006 inclusive; being updated three times each month);

• an English-language abstract database for Russian inventions (contains the information about 322 thousand of applications and patents covering the time period from 1994 to 2006 inclusive; being updated three times each month);

• an abstract database for Russian utility models (contains the information about 59 thousand of certificates and patents for utility models covering the time period from 1996 to 2006 inclusive; being updated three times each month); in 2006 more than 37 documents of the database were supplemented with descriptions in a facsimile format;

• a database for Russian trademarks (contains the information about 237 thousand of Russian certificates for trademarks covering the time period from 1925 to 2006 inclusive; being updated two times each month);

• a database for International Trademarks Registrations with the designations of Russia (contains the information about 149 thousand of international registrations with designation of Russia covering the time period from 1980 to 2006 ); being updated each week. The Access is provided for subscribers to Trademarks databases;

• a database for “Perspective Inventions”;

• a database “Appellations of Origin” for subscribers to Trademarks databases;

• a database of “Well-known Marks in Russia”;

• a database of Russian industrial designs (contains the information about 25 thousand of patents for industrial designs covering the time period from 1993 to 2006 inclusive; being updated each month);

• a database of Russian trademarks applications filed during 2005 and 2006 (contains the information about 73 thousand of applications; being updated daily)

• a database of the Russian-Language IPC (the 7-th and 8-th Editions);

• a Russian-Language database of the International Classification of Goods and Services;

• a Russian-Language database of the International Classification of Industrial Designs.

Access to and use of the Information Search Systems

Access for external users to the full-text databases of inventions, databases of utility models, databases of trademarks and databases of industrial designs is provided on a contract basis.

Within the framework of the Program of Regional Cooperation between Rospatent and Regions of the Russian Federation more than 120 organizations obtained a free-of-charge access to full-text databases.

A free-of-charge access for external users is provided to:

In respect of inventions:

• Abstract databases (in Russian and English);

• Database “Perspective Inventions”;

• Full-text database containing documents published in three recent Bulletins “Inventions and Utility Models”;

• Database of the IPC.

In respect of Utility models:

• Full-text database containing documents published in three recent Bulletins “Inventions and Utility Models”;

• Database of the IPC.

In respect of Trademarks:

• database containing documents published in the two recent Bulletins “Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin”,

• database “Well-known Marks in Russia”;

• database of the International Classification of Goods and Services.

In 2006 over 700 contracts providing access to commercially available databases of Rospatent were concluded. The total number of contracts concluded during the whole period of maintenance and use of the computerized system of Rospatent amounted approximately to 5600 contracts; by the end of 2006 about 4,000 contracts were still valid.

During 2006 the number of search queries submitted by internal and external users to the Information Retrieval System (IRS) totaled to 3,100 thousand whereas :

• Over 690 thousand of queries were received from internal users of the databases

• Over 2,410 thousand of queries were filed by external users.

The number of search sessions performed in the IRS during 2006 amounted to 615 thousand whereas:

• over 127 thousand sessions were performed on the payment basis;

• over 376 thousand sessions were on a free-of-charge basis;

• over 112 thousand sessions were performed at the request of examiners.

Table 4.2.1 shows the distribution of numbers of queries processed by the Information Retrieval System (IRS) during the period of 2000-2006.


Table 4.2.1

Distribution of queries to the Information Retrieval System (IRS) during 2000–2006


Total Queries


On Paid Basis

Queries From Examiners





































Diagram 1 illustrates the distribution of the number of queries during 2006 according to types of industrial property rights



Access for users to Registries of Russian patent documents

The users of Registries enjoyed a free-of-charge access via Internet to all patent documents available resources of Rospatent.

During 2006 the total number of queries submitted by internal and external users to the Registries amounted to more than 5,000 thousand whereas

• over 136 thousand queries were filed by internal users;

• about 4874 thousand queries were filed by outside users.

Table 4.2.2 shows the distribution of queries to Registries by years.


Table 4.2.2

Distribution of queries to Registries during 2004-2006










Diagram 2 shows the distribution of queries to registries broken down by types of industrial property rights.

The utilization of Official Bulletins of Rospatent by users

The users enjoyed a free-of-charge access to the Bulletins of Rospatent published in 2005-2006:

• Bulletins “Inventions and Utility Models”,

• Bulletins “Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin”

• Bulletin “Industrial Designs”.

In 2006 the total number of queries to electronic bulletins of Rospatent amounted to 242 thousand.

4.3. Usage of Internal and External Databases on Inventions, Utility Models and Scientific and Technical Information for the Purposes of Examination of Inventions and Utility Models

In 2006 the approach to the maintenance and use of patent collections on CD-ROM disks for the examination purposes was revised substantially. Based on the results of investigation and analysis of the use of patent collections on optical carriers for the search purposes it was decided to move a rarely used part of the said collections to the Patent Library (VPTB).

The duplication of the information on optical disks and databases in Internet allowed to maintain in the CD Collections for examiners only most frequently used databases such as disks produced by the EPO, WIPO, OAPI, EAPO, Rospatent and the CIS countries. Besides, databases on CD such as GlobalPat, PAJ and some narrow subject-matter search systems were kept in the present examination collection.

By the end of 2006 the said examination collection on CD-ROM disks covered 99 databases stored on 7957 disks (CD-ROM and DVD-ROM) containing the information of 22 countries and 4 international organizations.

Special search aids for accessing the CD-ROM collection which are stored both on paper and on electronic carriers are continuously updated. The said search aids enable the examiners to prepare search questions by using logical operators and appropriate software and provide information as to the content of databases and other recommendations for searching.

Some quantitative data describing the status and the use of the CD-ROM collection by years are given in Table 4.3.1. The cited data gives evidence of a decrease of the number of disks in the examination collection and reduction of number of accesses to this collection

Table 4.3.1

The use of the CD-ROM Collection by years














Number of disks received













Number of examiners accessing databases













Number of disks accessed













Number of disks in collection














The Table 4.3.1. contains 2006 Figures of the number of examiners (1478) who made searches in databases accessible in CD-ROM Room, this number includes examiners who used not only optical carriers, but also made searches in databases accessible via Internet.

The on-going computerization of the examining divisions allowed the examiners to make searches as a rule from their Working stations. In those cases where the information is not accessible from the Working stations or an expert advice is needed in difficult instances the examiners are recommended to make searches in the CD-ROM Room or the Remote Access Room.

In those rooms there is an access to databases not accessible from the Working stations, in particular to commercially available databases of “Delphion”, databases of VINITI, databases which are posted by different Libraries on their websites in Internet, narrow subject-matter search systems covering scientific and technical information as well as search engines Google, Rambler, Yandex and other.

The number of accesses to various databases in the CD-ROM Room is shown in Table 4.3.2


Table 4.3.2

Number of accesses by the examiners from the CD-ROM Room to various databases,,






ISIS (Российская медицина/ Medicine in Russia)



46 (БЕН РАН)

41 (ЦНСХБ)







For facilitating the analysis of retrieved documents the upgrading of automated translation system PROMT was carried out during 2006. This allowed to use the system by the examiners from 75 Working stations, in the near future other 50 Working stations will be added, the target number being equal to 200 Working stations where the examiner will be able to access the automated translation system both in off-line and/or on-line mode.

The CD-ROM ROOM is regularly used for training specialists of the FIPS to enable them working with various software products which are used in the process of searching and examination. In 2006 the number of training courses and the number of trainee's groups has increased.

The development of new automated systems, acquisition of new databases, analysis of new information resources available via Internet or on optical disks were continuously reflected in the training courses for examiners and specialists of the FIPS. Besides, a continuous training of newly recruited examiners is organized to train them in searching with the help of most frequently used databases and automated systems.

At the request of examiners special training courses were organized to get acquainted with selected software products in order use them in the day-to-day work.

Table 4.3.3 reflects the training courses carried out in 2006, broken down by topics or subject-matter of courses, categories and the number of trainees.


Table 4.3.3

Main topics of training carried out during 2006 in the CD-ROM Room




Number of trainees

Number of groups

Internet DB containing PAL

All examination divisions




AS “Electronic dossier”

All examination divisions

20, 22




AS “PatSearch”

All examination divisions




AS “Processing of outgoing correspondence concerning TM for dispatching it to WIPO”





Main information resources for newly recruited examiners

All examination divisions




DB “Medicine in Russia”

13, 14, 15




AS “Licence Contracts”

17, 42, 69




Basics in the Use of Text Editor Word

All examination divisions





As a result of training, practically all the examiners who attended the courses are able to conduct searches in an unassisted way through the databases stored on optical carriers and many of them possess sufficient skills in optimal using various information resources.

4.4. Databases Available for on-line Searches for the Purposes of Examination of Inventions and Utility Models

For carrying out information searches for the purposes of the examination of applications the examiners of FIPS are making use mainly of electronic databases accessible in on-line mode.

Primarily, these are on-line open-access databases of the Patent Offices and some non-patent databases which are accessible for examiners from their Working stations located in examination divisions. In 2006 the list of such databases was extended by adding two other databases: Patent database of China (CNPAT) provided with an English-Language interface and Patent documentation database of Portugal

The most frequently used Internet databases are those of Rospatent, the EPO (Esp@cenet), the US Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, German Patent Office (Depatisnet), WIPO and the internal database of the EAPO – EAPATIS.

In 2006 the In-House search system of Rospatent “Patsearch” was put into test operation with participation of examination divisions. The said system possesses an appropriate Russian-Language user interface and wide searching and viewing functionalities in respect of documents. The PatSearch system contains all patent documents of the ex-USSR and Russia as well as bibliographic data and English-Language abstracts of patent documents of main industrialized countries which were loaded down into the system from GlobalPat disks.

In the reporting year preparatory works were carried out to provide access to the new version of the internal search system EPOQUE of the European Patent Office.

The most frequently used non-patent databases available in open access mode are PubMed maintained by the National US Library in the area of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals and multi-subject database ScienceDirect.

Besides, the mentioned free-access databases, for the purposes of examination of applications the following commercially available (paid) databases were used by examiners:

• databases available via network STN International covering both patent and non-patent literature. The most frequently used databases are in the area of chemistry (REGISTRY, CA, BEILSTEIN, CASREACT, CHEMCATS and other), in the area of Medicine (EMBASE, BIOSIS) and multi-subject DB (INSPEC, PASCAL, COMPENDEX).

• Patent Databases of Delphion Network. In addition to databases of major world Patent Offices and INPADOC database, the examiners of FIPS have access to Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI ).

• Database containing patent documents of Japan in English –PATOLIS-e. It has a wider coverage and information content in comparison with the free-of-charge Internet database provided via the IPDL of the JPO. In view of discontinuation of English-Language services to Patolis-e provided by the PATOLIS Corporation, a contract between the FIPS and Questel-Orbit company was concluded in 2006 which provided for the access to PATOLIS-e database.

Access for examiners to commercially available remote databases was provided in a specially equipped Room where the examiners could receive assistance in terms of advice and methodological recommendations from a qualified staff while performing searches. Remote databases available in the On-line Access Room are usually searched by examiners in unordinary cases where a wider range of information resources are required for the purposes of searches and those resources are not accessible from the examiner's working stations or the qualification of an examiner is not sufficient for making searches in a particular database.

During the year under review over 1,500 searches were conducted in the Remote Access Room. The majority of searches were performed in STN databases in the area of chemistry, namely REGISTRY and Chemical Abstracts (CA).

Access to databases in the Delphion Network is provided in the Remote Access Room (4 Working stations) and in the CD-ROM Room (4 Working stations).

The personnel providing services in the Remote Access Room are also engaged in investigating and reviewing other on-line databases which could be useful for the purposes of information searches and preparation of the Methodological Guidelines and Manuals for examiners how to use new databases. Besides, the said personnel regularly organizes the group training of examiners on matters of the use of on-line databases.

In 2006 a study of other databases was continued, among them, the national database CNPAT provided by the Patent Office of China, a non-patent database in the area of medicine “Medicine in Russia” and narrow subject-matter Internet systems in the area of electro- and radio technology. As a result, their information content and their search functionalities were analyzed and described.

From the first of January 2006 Rospatent started to use the advanced level of the IPC-2006. The Russian-Language version of the IPC-2006 was published both for the advanced and core levels. The publication was carried out on paper, optical carrier CD-ROM and in Internet. In future the advanced level publication is planned only in electronic format.

In 2006 all the national patent documents were reclassified in accordance with the new IPC Edition. The reclassification data are collected and sent to the MCD (Master Classification Database).

A technology for the continuous maintenance of the Russian-Language version of the advanced level of the IPC was prepared and tested so that it could be integrated into the comprehensive preparation process of publishing national patent documents.

New Amendments to the advanced level of the Russian-Language IPC (2007.01) were prepared. Accordingly, the reclassification of national patent documents in accordance with these new amendments was started.

The new revision and implementation procedure taking into account the amendments to the IPC-2006 is considered to be a typical one and will be applied in respect to all subsequent new or revised headings of the advanced level.

The Russian-Language version of training examples to be used for the training of the examiners was completed.

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