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Electronic catalogue of patent legal literature “Intellectual Property Legal Protection worldwide: national and foreign publications”


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VPTB Division disposes of a collection of patent legal literature (PLL) that represents a collection of publications on a wide range of issues of the theory and practice of intellectual property protection in our country and abroad.

The Collection contains various types of information sources: national and international legislative acts, comments and reviews, methodical recommendations, tutorial materials, standards, patent offices reports, conference and seminar materials, court reports, statistical books, bibliographic publications, sector specific, terminological and linguistic dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias.

These are books, brochures, periodicals and continued publications from more than 30 countries and six international organizations in English, Russian, German, French and other languages. At present the PLL Collection amounts to more than 86 thousand editions, the oldest publications bear a date of 1830.

The annotated electronic catalogue: “Intellectual property legal protection worldwide: national and foreign publications” that makes it possible to search for publications on various aspects of legal protection and utilization of objects of intellectual property is the information search engine to the PLL Collection.

The electronic catalogue contains bibliographic descriptions in original language, translations of titles and/or abstracts into Russian, is supplemented with links to full text documents posted in public domain on the Internet websites of the rightholders.

FIPS website contains abridged version of the electronic catalogue that contains data on publications since 1992 to present. VPTB division provides access to a more complete version of the electronic catalogue that contains data on publications since 1830 to present and is provided with supplemental search capabilities.

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